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Free-drifting icebergs as proliferating dispersion sites of iron
enrichment, organic carbon production and export in
the Southern Ocean

Murray field team
The Murray Field Team

Project PIs

Ken Smith
John Helly
Ron Kaufmann
David Long
Bruce Robison
Tim Shaw
Benjamin Twining
Maria Vernet
Alison Murray

An interdisciplinary approach is being taken, consisting of seven components, each with a particular disciplinary focus that is defined by the recognized expertise of nine investigators from six institutions.

  1. Iceberg structure and dynamics
    • J. Helly, D. Long
  2. Trace element, nutrient and radionuclide distributions
    • T. Shaw, B. Twining
  3. Organic carbon dynamics mediated by microbial communities
    • M. Vernet, A. Murray
  4. Organic carbon dynamics mediated by iceberg-attached communities
    • B. Robison, M. Vernet
  5. Organic carbon dynamics mediated by zooplankton/micronekton
    • R. Kaufmann, B. Robison
  6. Particulate organic carbon export fluxes
    • K. Smith, T. Shaw
  7. Enrichment, carbon production and particulate export synthesis
    • all 9 P.I.s

B-014 field team

Alison Murray in Antarctica Vivian Peng in Antarctica Alison Kelly Posing in front of an iceberg
Alison Murray Vivian Peng Alison Kelley